Can I buy a Netherland Dwarf

I found that there was not very much information online relevant to the breed, so I created this site!  I intend to provide information pertaining specifically to Netherland Dwarf rabbits, but there is also a lot of general information on basic rabbit care.

OMG I want a bunny.  Where can I buy a Netherland Dwarf ?

The question you should stop and ask first is: Should I buy a Netherland Dwarf?  Rabbits make excellent companions, but they are not for everyone. Netherland Dwarves, and rabbits in general, do not deal with loud noises and stress; so if youre looking to buy a house pet for your children, you may want to rethink purchasing a house rabbit.   Rabbits also require daily handling and socialization, or they may become depressed or aggressive.  Healthwise, rabbits require exercise and proper nutrition, as well as regular vet check-ups.  If you do not have the space or time for a rabbit, please do not purchase one.  Caring for a rabbit is just as large of a commitment as caring for a dog or cat.

That being said, finding a Netherland Dwarf for purchase is pretty straightforward.  You should check an animal rescue shelter first to see what animals they have available for adoption.  It is unlikely that you will find a Netherland Dwarf specifically at a shelter, but unless you are fully decided on which breed youd like, please consider adopting.  There are thousands of perfectly friendly and cute bunnies looking for a home.

The best place to find a Netherland Dwarf is through a breeder.  Craigslist is a good place to start, but many breeders also run their own websites displaying their rabbits available for sale.  Purchasing from breeders can be expensive, but these rabbits are often raised in good health and a certified breeder can confirm pedigree and breed.

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