Author: Rody Leendertse

17 meters in the past century

Launch From century to century the climatic health conditions are now shifting and specialists are trying to produce information on the induces climate change and the problems. Unfortunately, other researchers commonly diverge with such ideas and therefore are struggling to produce facts exposing your climatic change cases are groundless. Transforms on environment are mainly as […]

Can I buy a Netherland Dwarf

I found that there was not very much information online relevant to the breed, so I created this site!  I intend to provide information pertaining specifically to Netherland Dwarf rabbits, but there is also a lot of general information on basic rabbit care. OMG I want a bunny.  Where can I buy a Netherland Dwarf […]

World’s largest garage sale

Despite being rather difficult to pronounce, Koninginnendag (or Queen’s Day) is an Amsterdam tradition that is incredibly simple at its core.  Every year on April 30, in celebration of the country’s rather meager history of monarchy, the city of Amsterdam puts on what is the world’s largest garage sale.  This tradition was begun in 1885 […]